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“Tom is an excellent, caring and highly professional drum teacher.  I originally came to Tom for help with my hand technique.  After a few lessons I was amazed at how much my technique improved.  Tom also helped me improve my sight reading as well as transition from traditional grip to matched grip, something that I found hard to do on my own. Today, whenever I practice I apply the principles and drills I learned from Tom to keep my limbs in shape and ready to play even the most demanding gigs. I highly recommend Tom as a drum teacher and a fellow musician” – Doron Eskinazi

“Tom Mendola is a world-class drummer and teacher. I have had the special privilege of studying with Tom privately for four years. He has the rare combination of extensive knowledge of his craft and the ability to communicate that knowledge to his students in an effective and fun manner. Tom is a master when it comes to helping students break through temporary musical blocks, in order to help them reach higher skill levels.  Whether one is a new beginner or the most seasoned professional drummer, Tom has an extensive wealth of knowledge of drumming, playing in all types of musical groups, and the music business in general to share with anyone who is blessed enough to study with him. There is nobody better! Tom has my highest endorsement as a master drummer, educator, mentor, and great friend.” Ken French-Professional drummer and educator, Seattle, WA
“Tom Mendola’s unique and thorough teaching methods helped me immensely as a 32 year professional in the music industry.  I received extensive training from Tom with regards to time keeping and playing with click tracks that gave me the confidence to play with good time and a very solid feel.  Case in point; while recording a PBS television special I was tasked with keeping 12 musicians together through numerous hours of closed-house close up shots and a live 2 hour concert where all the songs had to be recorded with only me following the click.  My ability to play solidly with the click enabled smooth editing to get just the right camera shot for each song.  Tom’s teaching also helped me garner the best compliment I ever received from one of the great bassists I’ve had the opportunity to work with.   This person told me that of all the drummers he ever worked with, I was the one that he could not tell when I was following a click or not.  He went on to say that many times when drummers follow a click there is a slight correction that occurs as they recover from a moment of straying from the time.  He said with me that never happened.  To be sure, I would have never had that level of time keeping ability had it not been for my lessons with Tom Mendola.  Thank you Tom!!” – Scott Barbier

“When I started with Tom I was a complete beginner. There were songs that I loved and wanted to learn to play the same way they are played on the recording. One needs to have a teacher that knows his instrument, is patient, encouraging, and keeps you on the right track. Tom gave me the tools to be a great drummer, one that will be in demand for any band, any style of music. He will teach you proper technique so you can play correctly. This is so important as a drumming career can last you decades! I have gone from playing Polka gigs to playing in Pop, Hard Rock and Metal bands and everything in between. Without the skills I learned from Tom, none of that would’ve been possible” – Alexandria Tyson

“I was amazed by Tom’s natural ability to get into communication with children and guide them towards immediate accomplishment on the drums. He has taught all three of my children from my teenagers to my baby and all three of them excelled instantly. I absolutely love his approach as do the children which makes learning not only stress-free, but fun! Tom is very knowledgeable, experienced and competent in drumming himself which makes his teaching effortless. I highly recommend Tom Mendola!” ~ Lisa

“I worked with Tom for 3 years straight. I wanted to be the best drummer I could be and Tom made sure every week, I lived up to that. He encouraged me more than any teacher I’ve ever had. I went from practicing a few hours a week, to playing over 30 hours a week and feeling like I still wasn’t getting enough. I never missed a lesson, I gave up trips to Hawaii because I didn’t want to miss a lesson. He gave me real goals but they never seemed easy. He helped me with every aspect. It wasn’t just hands or chops. It was styles and developing me as a musician, helping me in the studio and in life in general. I am a professional drummer and that is because of Tom. I recommend Tom Mendola to anyone who’s looking to improve any aspect of their drumming skill” – Chase Wilson

“I have learned to listen to music deeper and respect how other drummers have practiced and learned to be where they are now as musicians.  Through Tom I grew from a simple listen and try to play drummer to playing and incorporating my own touch.  His lessons have strengthened all my needs to be a better drummer and to become an independent musician.  He focuses and understands where practice is needed more and does not force any style of music to play.  Tom will not only teach but listen so you feel he understands what your true intentions are behind the kit. Through Tom’s teaching my timing,chops (hand and feet coordination), and reading have improved faster than my personal teaching and teacher I saw before him. I currently am a student and can say I am satisfied because I see results and will continue.” – Richard Kaufman
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